Sun Rooms & Screen Rooms


PGT Eze-Breeze

Eze-breeze products from PGT can take your porch or screen room into an amazing room you can use for 3 full seasons, and it is usable even a good sunny day in the winter for us here in the north Alabama. The Eze-breeze windows are essentially a screen window, with 10 mil thick vinyl that is incredibility durable and strong. Vents are available in a variety of colors including clear, smoke gray, bronze, and dark gray to suit your preference., come visit us for more details. PGT makes these windows in vertical four tracks, sliders, an amazing entrance door they call the Cabana door, plus full wall length doors that can cover up to a 24-foot opening. They often show this large door as a cover for a garage door. Amazing product that will help improve your homes value, plus this investment will increase your enjoyment of your home.
Living Room — Vinyl Sliding in Athens, AL

Eze-Breeze Cabana Door

The PGT Cabana Door is the ideal companion to our verticals, our horizontals, and all of our PGT Eze-Breeze products. The design is sleek and modern with an innovative frame that converts from z-bar to equal-leg in a snap. Learn more
Front View of a White Colored House — Vinyl Sliding in Athens, AL

Eze-Breeze Garage Door Enclosures

Garages. They’re not just for cars anymore. PGT® builds screened, horizontal side sliders that fit the front of garages, turning them into gyms, hobby rooms, playrooms and more. Learn more
Living Room with Large Windows — Vinyl Sliding in Athens, AL

Eze-Breeze Porch Enclosures

Your porch, patio, deck, gazebo, or pool are there for a reason. You love that touch of outdoor living. So why not get more of what you love? Eze-Breeze is a big improvement over screens and an even bigger improvement over the open air. Learn more
A great local installer for Sun and Screen rooms is Smartt Investments. They are locally owned and operated here in Limestone County, and are the preferred installer by the Hampton Cove HOA.

Superior Mason Building Products

Formed in January 1978 as Superior Metal Products Company. In June 2012, Superior Metal was purchased by Profile Extrusion Company, the parent, and the name was changed to Superior Metal Products LLC. Superior operates as a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of aluminum and vinyl building products for residential, home improvement and commercial applications.